Dr. Lippert

Dr. Werner Lippert leads New Energy Pathways with a unique combination of academic competence in Leadership and Education as well as his studies on metaphysics and spiritual traditions, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary best practices to facilitate an empowered life.

Growing up in a family of teachers, Dr. Lippert embraced the family tradition, studying Education at the University of Freiburg, then broadening his horizons with master’s degrees in both education and history, and finally earning a doctorate in International Diplomacy at Vanderbilt University. His teaching journey has ranged from high school to university classrooms, touching the lives of over 5,000 students in the last thirty years.

Dr. Lippert’s spiritual awakening and initial exposure to subtle energies happened on a trip home to the foothills of the mystical Black Forest of Southern Germany two decades ago. It prompted a journey of exploration, pairing ancient metaphysical traditions with contemporary practices. He is a Reiki Master, trained in energy healing, tantric practices, studied Kabbalah, trained in Wicca, the Shamanic energy modality Munay-Ki, and most prominently, Hermetics. Each discipline has contributed to a holistic view of energy work that lies at the core of our coaching methodology. In the end, he peeled away the layers of traditions and mysticism to understand the core energy principles that serve as a useful guide for our modern lives.

More than just a coach, Dr. Lippert is an educator and guide who helps people see and use the energy that’s all around us. He believes that by tuning into these subtle currents, anyone can lead an extraordinary, empowered life.